Benefits of BNI Calling Center for Account Owners : Lorongku
Benefits of BNI Calling Center for Account Owners : Lorongku

Benefits of BNI Calling Center for Account Owners : Lorongku

Use BNI Call Center to Quickly Find Banking Problem Solving

To obtain information regarding bank accounts, the holders of the akawnku have access to BNI call centers. Based on a strong foundation formed over the decades, BNI strives to serve and maintain the satisfaction of its customers by providing them with the best service at all times.

It is committed to providing the best service to customers at all times so that they can continue to provide innovation and development in service areas. Opting for various services, products, and assistance is intended to facilitate customer remittance, BNI striving to provide for all customer needs.

When there is a problem with the savings account or other bank goods, the solution is to go directly to the branch office (branch office). In addition to these methods, you can also use online services or make a hot line call.   The BNI call center can be used to get immediate help when pressed.

This assistance service is a solution to overcome the various banking problems associated with all customer transaction transactions. The existence of a single stay in one solution is a fruit of the experience of decades of experience serving the needs of Indonesian banks. Information on bank products such as savings account, loan, phone bank, telephone consultation is available.

You can use hot line, fax or e-mail.   Please ask a variety of questions or complain about problems,  experienced service and friendliness customers will provide as much as possible. Want to know more about this service, please refer to the following explanation:

BNI Calling Center is for customers

There are still many people still reluctant to use the call center  services  because they think the service will take some time so they like to come and line up at branch offices. Some people just think only privileged customers can get this line of information and assistance, when this is not the issue.

Everyone who owns an account has the same rights when using that service because it is intended for all customers. It uses both individuals and organizations. Active customers who have accounts and debit cards can use this help desk when they have questions or face problems.

If it has problems with savings accounts, debit or credit card disorders, or facilities such as internet or mobile banking. Even the frequently occurring problem such as forgetting forgotten passwords can be complained about in the call center and will be helped to manage them faster.   Many services served in  the BNI  call center are available to:

  1. The co-owners or account holder are accompanied by an atm card (debit).
  2. The customer is stored in the list of members of the telephone banking service. Customers are registered for a mobile express banking transaction.
  3. Customers with a credit card.
  4. Private account holders of entities or business entities, such as Taplus Bisnis, Giro, and others
  5. Holders of the power of attorney in the accounts of agencies or business entities.

Therefore, you are free to use the services of the assisted facility, as all account holders have the same right to access you. If you really need help and have questions about savings accounts, debit or credit cards, i-banking, m-banking,  or other facilities, please contact the 24-hour subscription.

Customer Assistance at BNI Call Center

As mentioned above, the existence of a facility for providing assistance and counseling can help you find solutions to various problems on the banking side. Being a liaison between customers and banks is   the most important line that holds a 24-hour connection. Also, with access to information related to your account, you can also access other services, such as:

  1. Report of debit or credit card losses as well as blocked.
  2. Replace or reverse the pin at the telephone banking facility.
  3. Termination of both debit and credit cards
  4. Detection of various BNI product information, such as accounting, current accounts, deposits, loans, and so on.
  5. Find info about credit card materials and features.
  6. Balance Information and the last five transactions.
  7. Transfer funds between other BNI and interbank accounts.
  8. Transfer bank using RTGS services.
  9. Paying various bills, such as credit card bills or paying money over time.
  10. Request for information about a credit card transaction.

Those are some of the help you  can get by logging in to BNI’s call center.   24-hour quick access can provide customer assistance at any time, even to be able to provide assistance in your financial planning and business. Service is available free of charge through friendly services and information.

This one-stop help center service is really very useful for customers because it is available all the time. However, the call center  service  must be done wisely. Use it when you really need it, because to get to the hotline, you often have to wait in line.

How to Connect with BNI’s Call Center Service?

Account owners who have banking problems or want to get information on what landline and mobile phone can use 1500046 or (021) 30500046 to request a help service.  You can use the phone number for coming from home or abroad. The tariff issues according to the operator used it.

Phone lines aren’t the only ones used at the help desk, you can either fax (021) 25541203 or send the email to   Use the email context while it is your problem and better describe it better and more clearly and clearly about the problem at hand.

Visit the website  for assistance using alternative insured lines provided by BNI. Take advantage of the BNI Call Centre’s  emergency service  when using heat line services.   No need to wait for an automatic message to finish, you can immediately make the choice. The following will save report time and speed up the solution:

  1. Call the hotline provided, after the employee’s voice is heard, click 0 – 1 when you want to get information about the savings account. 0 – 2 information about credit card. 0 – 3 loan services. 0 – 5 currency and exchange rate information. 0 – 6 information about credit card profiles  and locations.
  2. press 1 if you want to use English. Use buttons 1 – 1 to find balance info. 1 – 2 -1 access info on the last 5 transactions this month.
  3. Press 2 – 1 of blocked card card and debit or credit card loss report.
  4. Press 3 – 1 to switch pin and 3 – 2 pin back service. 3 – 1 – 1 when you want to pay your credit card bill.

The operator will ask to enter the debit card number before they have access to the bank’s product information. On the other hand, if you submit the report, different questions will be asked, including the number of accounts, the names of the biological mother, and the subsequent balance (not specific to the different levels of memory). Only when these various questions are answered will that request be processed.

Benefits of BNI Calling Center for Account Owners

Easy access to information and help with processing problems is provided to customers who are good at their own. Because Negara Bank Indonesia always tries to help account owners get information and become assistants as a solution to the various problems of business transactions that are carried out.

It will easily and quickly make it easier for customers to eradicate concerns about money saving, loan payments, ease of monitoring savings accounts, and give them a sense of security when making an investment. Service friendly and polite can also present consumer anxiety when facing problems.

In addition to the various services related to bank products, you can also get assistance services on financial planning, settlement, future investments, credit applications, exchange payments, exchange rates, and various other services by contacting  one stop one solution call center from BNI.

As a state-owned financial institution tasked with helping care for people, BNI always tries to get customers to always get the best service. The hotline hotline is available to all customers. Specially the BNI call center serves a variety of information related to bank accounts and provides solutions in case of problems.

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