JNE Call Center, Number and Service Records
JNE Call Center, Number and Service Records

JNE Call Center, Number and Service Records: CouponCode

Information about the JNE call center can be very much sought if you use JNE to send and receive goods but do not receive the goods. JNE is one of the widely used delivery services as an option.

Of course, having an affordable package price for on-time delivery is part of the reason why until now JNE still has many loyal users, when there are so many similar services on the market.

So far, JNE has become one of the various choices of leading shipping services in Indonesia. JNE has hundreds of offices throughout Indonesia and even in various cities. JNE is continuously expanding its network.

JNE service has also experienced development since the establishment of the company, and JNE not only provides delivery of goods for a regular period, but also other delivery services, ranging from express to services at economical rates. In order to improve customer service, JNE has a JNE call center and is ready to help you.

JNE Delivery Service Overview

JNE is the largest freight forwarding company and even today it already has thousands of agents. Thousands of these agents are spread throughout Indonesia. Unlike other shipping services that have minimum requirements for the weight of goods, JNE has no minimum limit on goods. Founded in 1990, JNE started with just eight employees.

JNE’s initial capital was 100 billion yen, and initially it was only engaged in import and export operations such as import of goods, documents, customs cargo, etc. Delivery is also made domestically from abroad.

A year after its establishment, JNE finally began to expand its roots internationally and joined the Courier Company Association, finally JNE focused on the domestic market and experienced a very rapid development. In 2002, JNE purchased the building as its headquarters.

The number of services provided by JNE is also increasing, and the JNE call center is also crowded, so we can only send ordinary REG packages. Various services owned by JNE, such as Express and Super Speed. Yes, OKE, JNE loyalty card, money transfer, JNE pickup, ground transportation, sea transportation, JNE logistics, warehouse, etc.

When other companies grew 10% per year, JNE was able to grow up to 20%. This is also due to the various methods and innovations owned by JNE, such as the media available to monitor the goods, and the goods are shipping insured for the existence of ball pick-up methods.

JNE Call Center Phone Number

Call centers are a service that has a very large and important role, and call centers are also communication media that connects companies and consumers. The same is true for call centers owned by JNE. Unlike other companies, JNE has a very quick and responsive call center service.

This call center service is provided to support your convenience. You can contact JNE for call center services anytime, anywhere, even when you are overseas. This call center service is not just for loyal JNE consumers.

This call center service is aimed at potential consumers who want to know more about JNE services, so contacting the call center before coming to the JNE branch is the most appropriate step, so please be very careful with the JNE call center.

JNE Customer Service is located at 29278888 (021). The office code from JNE is (021) 566 5262, fax (021) 5671413.  You can also contact JNE by email to customercare@jne.co.id, so choose the easiest way to contact the JNE service.

JNE also has a call center number as well as a customer service center to help you resolve issues. You can ask Joni and tell her any complaints you have experienced. Later, complaints will be dealt with quickly and quickly.

In addition to the call center, to inquire about luggage issues, please call the JNE office tailored to your area or city. Usually, you can clarify whether you can take the package or solve any problems related to the packaging of the product.

Services provided by JNE Call Center

As with the call centers of other companies, there are various types of services and complaints that can be communicated through this call center. First, the call center will provide you with an appointment to receive the goods. If you want to send your goods through JNE and have the courier pick up your products, you can book a pickup through our call center.

Secondly, when you want to know information about products and services. If you want to know the product information and services owned by JNE, you can contact the JNE call center directly, and later we can explain all the products and services owned by the customer service and tailor it to your current needs.

Third, look for shipping rate information. Before sending the goods, we will definitely find out what you need to pay the shipping fee, so that there is no miscalculation, you can ask directly at the call center, especially if the item is a large package, it will be calculated based on the right amount.

Fourth, check the shipping status. In fact, you can now easily track packages sent online, but tracking can delay updates, in this case you can contact the call center and ask them to clarify the location of the last package.

Finally, regarding the filing of complaints and claims. If your package does not arrive after using any of the services, you can file a complaint and arrive first and faster so that the package arrives at the destination later. In addition, if a package is lost, you can file a claim if you need to keep it insured.

Tips for making calls to the JNE Call Center

JNE has a lot of customers, so sometimes the call center is busy and you have to wait. For this to prevent this from happening, here are some tips you can do. First, avoid contact during peak hours. Try to get in touch in the morning so as not to contact them during office breaks.

Next, make sure you have enough credits. If you use your mobile phone to make calls, double check if the credit is enough, this is to avoid disconnecting the phone connection and especially if you want to complain about the goods to the JNE call center, you need to repeat the explanation again from the beginning.

Third, be sure to record your receipt. If you want to file a complaint or check the delivery status of an item, do not call the call center directly. You can record the receipt first and then contact the call center, this is done so that not to waste a lot of time.

Cases regarding the delivery of goods will definitely be followed up immediately by JNE Customer Service, so you don’t have to worry if your package doesn’t arrive or you want to file an insurance claim. If all the procedures are done correctly, the JNE Call Center will definitely help you happily.

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