Network-based services as a solution : Flixabay
Network-based services as a solution : Flixabay

Network-based services as a solution : Flixabay

24-hour Dukchapil Call Center ready to overcome the needs of the community

One of the forms of innovation from the development of digital technology is the procurement of a 24-hour duccapil call center. Although relatively new, this service is very helpful in identifying the problems of the population of people. Bearing in mind that currently urban needs and practicality are the requirements of public needs. Long rows are considered something old-fashioned.

On the other hand, the government wants information about the population, as well as various socializations and services, to be easily enjoyed by its citizens. Using various conveniences in technological and information networks, an official network-based service was finally formed. It can be through call centers, popular messengers or mainstream social networks.

With the establishment of various types of 24-hour dukcapil call center  services ranging from direct office services to online services, he hopes that  various problems in the  community can be identified immediately and look for solutions. Given the importance of population data, this is for  the different needs of development programs and provides legal protection to its citizens.

The importance of recording data of the population and registers

Under 2013 law 24, every Indonesian citizen must report various important events for filming. Especially population-related events such as moving or changing addresses, births, deaths, marriages or divorces, and even related to child data.

These data are not only recorded, but will be processed and used for various purposes of development programs and legal protection of their citizens. For example, in this pandemic state, which requires data validation — data before it can finally be tested for eligibility to receive help programs.

In addition, by providing the 24-hour service of the Dukcapil Call Center, it hopes to be able to ensure the fulfilment of the human rights of all, especially in connection with the administration of the population. There is no discrimination against citizens who are left behind or excluded from the program. An example is the right to participate in politics during elections.

In addition, the convenience  of the 24-hour dukcapil call center allows  the public to be more aware of their obligations as part of Indonesian citizens to report and record important events. Especially if the process is easy and does not interfere with his work. This awareness is an indication of the government’s success in legally protecting its citizens.

Purpose of maintaining the State Register for community

For persons, data related to the date of birth, date of marriage, number of children, domicile and so on have no significant meaning. But for the country, this has huge benefits. Especially for Indonesia as one of the legal countries, certainty and validity of identity must be stated in the law.

Thus, the public if it has registered various data  – their population data means that the state has recognized them by the truthfulness of the information. So, if abuse or various related problems occur, legal protection can be given. As well as the right to provide various public services. Some public services require authentic information about the population.

In addition, by providing accurate, fast and authentic data, it is expected to be able to provide  data entry for  different planning programs and sectors. Whether in government, development, or community activities. That is why each program can be arranged optimally and on the goal.

The 27-hour service of the Dukcapil Call  Center is a form of ease of communication between the government and its people. With the hope that we will be able to accelerate the achievement of various civil registration goals. In addition, bearing in mind that the problems in the field are increasingly complex and diverse, this medium is also able to serve as a means of identification and aspiration.

Various services  provided by Dukčapil

Generally speaking, the services provided by the dukcapil call center are associated with various problems with population data. Based on the words of dukčapil general manager, Zhudan had six important documents in October 2020 that were supposed to prioritize their handling. These documents are KK, KTP, birth certificate, death certificate, marriage certificate and birth certificate.

However, population data includes biodata recording and reporting  via a 24-hour dukcapil call center related to important events. It includes various things such as location, address, place of birth, omission of national identity number (NIK) and various other things, so that every citizen really has protection and legal recognition.

Currently, as rules and recommendations related to the state administration, these various services must be implemented quickly, precisely and integrated. Therefore, the validation process and data collection can be run in real time. So that archives or when necessary in the preparation of the program no longer care about miscalculations.

In addition to serving these various problems, the 24-hour dukcapil call center also provides validation or verification-related services. Like whether NIK is registered with government service or when you want to find information related to data through online media when you forget to question the file.

Network-based services as a solution

A population of more than 200 million people certainly has various obstacles and complaints every day. Especially during this pandemic, it is advisable to avoid crowds, especially in public places. Including managing the diverse needs of the population, such as ID cards or various other letters.

Online is the solution to these different needs, ranging from receiving complaints or input problems. So there are various problems that are on the ground. As well as providing various recommendations related to solving the problem. Whether to contact sub-ordinate or whether you have to go through a certain route according to the type of problem.

There are various online media for the realization of the 24-hour dukcapil call center.   Some of them use telephone services via the number 1500-537 to connect directly to central Ducchapil. E-mail messages and websites are also created to provide various other additional information. In addition, it also uses a popular messenger.

This means that you use WhatsApp services, bearing in mind that the majority of the population uses WhatsApp as a general medium for communication. One form of service is in the form of NIK verification, by sending the format Check #KTP#NIK then sending it to the number 0815-3636-9999, it will receivea response in accordance with your complaint. These various options make it easier for residents to take advantage of this service feature.

Using social media to improve services

It is realized that the community, especially young people, is very active through social networks. Whether it’s for expressing, playing, gathering with the community, or looking for the latest information. This condition provides an opportunity for Dukchapilto innovate the 24-hour services of the dukcapil call center. This is to record aspirations through social networks, especially aimed at young people.

There are two social media platforms, namely Facebook and Twitter. Not only passively receiving received reports, but also providing content in the form of updating information and various advice and information allocations about the population. Therefore, he hopes that social media users will get used to it and understand the importance of homegroups.

It is expected that the existence of various  dukcapil call centers of online services will be able to meet the expectations of the state administration. With the motto or motto “the day must be” in various regions, in the hope that they will be able to provide rapid response services to their needs. Not only in relation to the limitations of the complaint, but also with the shortcomings.

Currently, problems related to population and civil registration are expected to be immediately identified and resolved. It requires awareness and active participation of the community in its realization. One form of government facility in bridging this facility is the provision of 24-hour dukcapil call  center services through various online media.

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