Wajit Bandung Legit Family Friends : Capcus
Wajit Bandung Legit Family Friends : Capcus

Wajit Bandung Legit Family Friends : Capcus

Write down 3 seconds for regional specialist categories in West Java

If you are in the mood to make a regular dish from West Java, a regional specialty from West Java that is easily easy and immediately attempted 3 techniques will be written down for skill types : West Java, like any other region, is certainly an area with a variety of sweet dishes.

Generally, dishes originating in West Java are made from coconut, brown sugar and flour, and the flour is cruel from rice wheat and flour. This West Java dish requires only a few ingredients with really simple and easy processing prevalence.

It is simple, but all West Javanz dishes are still delicious and delicious, and it is not surprising that many people like these dishes. Not only is it easy to find in various ingredients, but you can also easily get this special meal for yourself, so you can learn to cook this traditional dish.

Here you will write down 3 techniques for regional specialty types from West Java , which is delicious and realistic Make sure that you take it seriously so that you can immediately practice with your family or closest friends, and immediately prepare a variety of necessary items and tools.

Wajit Bandung Legit Family Friends

Dishes from West Java, especially in the famous city of Bandong, are spices, and almost everyone in different regions has this sweetness. You already know the taste of the dish, and unlike other sweet treats, other sweet treats in West Java have a distinctive feature that you cannot find.

Yes, the combination of gluttonous rice flour, coconut and brown sugar is a hallmark that can be found without its taste Outside this vegetable, Wajik is a dish presented with dried corn, which is certainly something unusual about this dish.

Short here the method for making Reggie as one of the models we have written for regional specialization categories from  West Java If you prepare the necessary items early, you can add water that you can start making them by combining all the ingredients together.

Cook the dough while stirring continuously for nearly 45 minutes, then printing and allowing the temperature to drop by an hour, and then start packing with dried corn leaves that are ready to be used if the dough is cooled.

After wrapping it in corn leaves, now use the oven for 30 minutes to bake the oven earlier, which dries the dough Don’t last long because it can make it windy and difficult- if the  structure of the spice you make is unofficial and too dense, you don’t want it?

Similar to donuts similar to Ali Agram’s technique from West Java

There is another sweet dish called Aliagram, and in shape Aliagram is very much with the donor Similarly, in the process of doing this, this dish typically requires different ingredients from philanthropists, whom a lot of people in different circles usually enjoy.

We’re going to write down 3 recipes for regional specialization categories from West Java, and one of them is this Ali Agrem method Although it is like a donut, it lasts longer than when peaching a legendary potato, but making this algae is simpler.

The ingredients needed to cook Ali Arum are not far from coconut, brown or palm sugar, as well as harsh rice wheat. Don’t forget to melt brown sugar first and spice up the coconut.

If the dough is finished, don’t add it immediately; you have to rest for your Ali Agrem spice; usually this process is.” It takes six hours overnight to stiffen the dough and then six hours overnight to get ready to fry with a hot fire afterwards.

The shape of the finished loaf generally resembles Anu and then dries out until it turns brown. This is the easiest way out of the three  ways we’ve written three types of regional specialization from West Java.

Beautiful cake named beautifully coloured cake

It seems to be a proper stamp hanging this food from West Java, and as the name suggests, the princess’s tongue is loosened in a variety of bright bread colors.

Among the other ways we wrote three recipes for regional specializations from West Java, this time became the most demanding. It is also easy to make this sweet dish, and again, these items only require cassava, jaffrice bananas, with as much sugar and salt as needed.

After all the ingredients are mixed fairly, warm for about 20 minutes, then break the steam in two just now, green and red The color is given, so scatter each dough on the banana flakes and place the banana pieces on top.

Cover the bananas with each loaf of bananas, then hot again until cooked for about 30 minutes. If cooked, it is transferred to another container. Make a prepared coconut, and the next princess or princess is ready to eat with her loved ones.

3 Specialized Methods in West Java

We wrote 3 categories of regional specialization from West Java listed above, and all three are really a favourite dish Now you can not only enjoy the taste, but you can do it without worrying about failure by following the paper presented earlier.

Facilitating the process of making these three recipes is a particular use of this food; each vegetable is compatible with the main ingredients Like west Java, pieces of coconut and brown sugar are always used as characteristics of every sweet treat.

If you are already skilled at making multiple recipes for regular meals in different regions, you specialize in locality from West Java or elsewhere You can also write down 3 techniques for the types of dishes, because making dishes is more enjoyable than just having fun with the nearest people.

In addition to sweet foods, West Java also has a wide range of skills ranging from salt to spices. It’s also one of the most distinctive foods of the Sandanese; one example is Sarabi, with delicious tops when you’re comfortable in your spare time.

In order to produce dishes that tempt the flavors of many, you may have to practise the various methods presented earlier. Please, because we’ve written 3 categories of regional specialization from West Java that are practical and easy.

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